Ribeiro Hui


We provide tailored solutions for your business objectives.



Ribeiro Hui was established in Hong Kong in 2009 by George Ribeiro and Dominic Hui who have been consistently identified as among Asia’s leading lawyers. Soon after its establishment, Ribeiro Hui expanded into the People’s Republic of China with its first mainland office focusing on China direct investment and corporate law set up in Shanghai in 2010. In 2011, a direct license was granted by the China Trademark Office and an office was subsequently set up in Beijing to conduct prosecution of trademark applications in China.

In 2018, RH Shanghai Law Firm was then established to provide comprehensive legal services throughout China. This was followed by Ribeiro Hui, Shenzhen.

The group’s rapid expansion was due to the support of its multi-national clients locally based and from abroad in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, financial institutions, textiles and fashion, medical, information technology, network selling, household products, sports products, chemicals, industrial oils, paints and films, paper products, publishing, logistics, catering, supermarkets and chain stores (including restaurants), food, children’s products and construction equipment, who came to Ribeiro Hui in view of its dedication to provide timely, quality and costs-effective services.

We are here to grow with our clients and continue to provide tailored solutions to meet their business objectives within the realms of the law.